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  1. Hello...Im an RN in the Philippines and planning to take "CGFNS" exam this march 2004 so i can practice my profession here.I came here couple of months ago and living with my husband.When i got my working permit,i applied different jobs unrelated to my profession but it seems whenever they call me,theres something stopin' me(kinda stupid),the feeling of getting health related job.Ive tried to apply in nursing homes as nursing assisstant but certification is required.I really wanna practice my profession bcoz ive seen some of my classmates that are RN's now but they end up as a fulltime housekeeper.
    I just need some help if you guys know a place where i can take a class for IVF therapy,I can still insert IV but after long period of no practice since i came here...i just dont feel confident and i wanna have that confident.Hope u can help me.I really appreciate it.Im glad i found this site for nurses.Im looking forward to meet new friends from here especially fellow nurses regardless of race/ethnic origin.Tnx alot
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