MJS College of Nursing in Merrillville

  1. 0 Has anyone ever heard of MJS College of Nursing in Merrillville? I have done alot of research and it sounds like a great school! I am starting school begining of year for my Associates for my RN. If anyone has heard of this school, please leave some input!! Thanks so much in advance
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    Yes I have.! As a matter of fact I will be starting the new year as well! I have completed some pre-reqs with them also! I know one person who graduated and went to pass her boards on the first try! I also have a friend who is finishing her first quarter with them.! You will be glad you chose them!
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    Awesome!! Im starting in February
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    Will you still be starting this month? If not why??? I am thinking of another option myself.!
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    Did u end up starting? I am going to go in September. If u didnt, why and where did u go?

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