Laws for smoking in nursing homes

  1. I need to know if there is a law about non smoking personnel having to supervise residents on their smoke breaks.
    This is becoming an issue at our facility and if we knew if there IS a law or ISN'T, it would help a great deal.

    If you find it, please let me know where.

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  3. by   slmapd121507
    I'm not sure about that kind of law, but there needs to be a law that protects non-smoking employees from having to assist smoking patients. I'm a non-smoker and I shouldn't have to expose myself to smoke if I don't choose to!
  4. by   Innurse78
    You can always get a doctors note stating that you cannot be around people who smoke thus are unable to supervise residents who smoke due to the potential health risks that would be imposed on yourself.
  5. by   pbnj123
    What if your facility states the Doctor's note is irrelevant and you still must supervise smoke breaks as a job requirement? Is this legal?