IvyTech Fall 2016

  1. I applied to a few Lpn and one Asn program before the deadline of April 1st. I wish I would have had a better score but I I'm hopeful for at least one acceptance letter. It would drastically change the life of my children and myself. I am always so busy but I do the best I can and want better for my family! Anyone else out there waiting??
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  3. by   annie777
    Which campus did you apply to? Good luck!!
  4. by   asmith1204
    Applied to lawrence, anderson & new castle RN & LPN programs with a 120/160.. hopefully that gets me in somewhere sucks because my TEAS could have been better. Goodluck
  5. by   Anonymaas
    I'm waiting too, I only applied to Bloomington, because I don't have the option to travel far.I applied with all A's and a 88% on the TEAS so my total score was 148/160. I wish I had something to do to distract me but prepare for the fall. I am working on looking for any immunization records, since upon acceptance those will are needed...it's something to do. This is a looookng wait.....being patient will be hard. Countdown to May 30th has began.
  6. by   kwilson43
    Quote from asmith1204
    Applied to lawrence, anderson & new castle RN & LPN programs with a 120/160.. hopefully that gets me in somewhere sucks because my TEAS could have been better. Goodluck
    I applied to the Lawrence campus as well. I have 149/160, so I'm hoping that's good. I was reading posts from the class that started this spring and students were getting in with scores in the 120's!
  7. by   ry&ry'smom
    I remember the wait! I think we all started getting letters during the first two weeks of June. You could possibly initially get into PN program in Lawrence or Anderson. I think New Castle is only ASN. I started Lawrence fall 2015 in PN program with 131/160. The cut off for ASN was around 135. There was a girl who was accepted to PN in Lawrence that had the same score as me, but later accepted a New Castle ASN spot due to ppl turning down their acceptance because they got into different campuses. Also, it's said that there are less applicants in the spring which is why some lower scores are accepted. Fall is more competitive. Good luck!
  8. by   Anonymaas
    Typically in the past anything lower than 134 won't get you into the fall RN program. 120-130 may get you into the fall LPN program. The spring cohorts typically accept lower scores only because less applicants apply.
  9. by   asmith1204
    Yeah it's so nerve wrecking because some days I feel like 120 is okay then others I feel like I have literally no chance. A guy in my micro class said Fall of 15' he got into the Lawrence PN with a 118 so it makes me wonder if my score is "okay". Then after talking to a DON she pretty much told me PN programs are a complete waste but of course you expect that from a 40 year experienced RN. Huh, hopefully we all make the cut. I know 149 is great, your definitely in.
  10. by   Anonymaas
    Stay possitive, scores all depend on how many applicants apply to each campus. We've said it before and it's worth repeating, scores don't indicate if you will be a good nurse. Often then indicate more the value of the schools investments in potential students but in my paramedic classes I had a professor that always said...I'd rather have someone streetsmart than booksmart. There is a lot of untestable ales in potential nursing students, so we just do our best aND keep pushing forward.
  11. by   Kfouch
    I applied at the Valparaiso campus for both the RN and PN programs. I do not expect to get into the RN but hope for the PN. I have a 128/160 score and my classes were transferred in from Purdue back when I got a degree in construction in 1994.
    I am unsure if I'll get into the PN program here but fingers are crossed. I am not sure how hard it is at this campus.
  12. by   Anonymaas
    Good luck!!
  13. by   LacyMom74
    I'm currently waiting. Just finished advanced human physiology bc I got my electives out of the way due to working and kids. I applied to every ivy tech less than 2 hrs away from me and to both programs. I know I can get into the lpn program I'm hoping to squeeze in the RN program. I wish it was the end of May lol
  14. by   Kfouch
    If you don't mind me asking, how many points did you have?

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