Ivy Tech Richmond - last years scores to get in?

  1. I was just wondering if anyone happened to have an idea of what the lowest cutoff score to get the RN program last year was.


    (Sorry about the double post. I did not realize there was an Indiana section!)
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  3. by   cad2nurse
    Not sure of the lowest score. This year they said if you have 200 or over you are pretty much in.
  4. by   taranator
    How do you find that out, cad? I'm curious about the score for my campus and would love to know.

  5. by   cad2nurse
    I was freaking out that I needed to retake my TEAS so I called the person in charge and she confirmed that I am probably good to go as long as I am over 200 total points. One of my classmates confirmed it as well. I found the person in charge was really helpful so I feel much better about it all now.