Ivy Tech Nursing Summer Semester/Transferring to Another Campus

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    1. I recently attended nursing orientation at Ivy Tech and I was unaware that the summer semester was mandatory. I usually go home during the summer to my parents' house and work. This poses a significant problem. How many days a week are summer clinicals typically? Are the days consecutive? Does the summer semester ever involve 1 day of 12 hour clinical?

    2. Our program chair said that it is possible to transfer between campuses. However, it's not usual and she said it is very difficult. I am at another campus right now and I would like to transfer to Indy, providing they have a spot. Has anyone had any experience transferring between campuses when you're already in the program?


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    Summer semester is only mandatory if you are an LPN student. As for the schedule, it's different for every campus.
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    You have to plan it out by contacting the school you wanna transfer to and go thru the motions of seeing if there's a seat open for you and it will go down on a break btwn semesters

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