Ivy Tech Kokomo or Muncie

  1. Anyone familiar with these 2 campuses? Are the CNA classes or Phlebotomy Certification good programs? What about the LPN programs? If you have attended these campuses tell me what you know about their programs. Thanks.
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  3. by   WickedRedRN
    I checked into both of them last year, heard good things abt the Munce ASN program. Bad thing abt them is they only accept 20 students each year, so REALLY hard to get in when you consider the applicant pool is 200+. Kokomo only has an LPN program, however IU Kokomo has ASN and BSN programs that are excellent. Ivy Tech in Logansport (25 miles from Kokomo, I think) has a brand new LPN program too.

    Good luck in your search!