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Thought I would start a thread to see how many people were applying to Ivy Tech's Fall 2012 nursing programs. I will be applying to the Fort Wayne campus. Looking to see if they are any others out there who might be joining... Read More

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    Check your local hospital and fire departments!! Many firefighters/medics teach cpr classes that are for health providers. Hope this helps!

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    Thanks kiche123
    I found several places through AHA and Amer Red Cross. Thank goodness for www
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    For weeks now, I have been stalking my mailman like a hawk. I saw him every single day, except today. Some how he snuck up without me seeing him. But I don't care because he left me the best thing in the world, an acceptance letter into the ASN program!!

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    Yay!! Me, too!
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    got my letter to laffeyette today! Got accepted for the ASN program with a score of 167. So excited! Good luck to everyone else and congrats
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    Congratulations, folks!!!! still waiting on sellersburg or bloomington letters... *sigh*... I'm feeling hopeful about it, just waiting on letters to arrive.. unless I did something really stupid and messed up on my app... which is totally a possibility.
    Oh, well.. at least it's not a 3 day weekend. Excited for all of you guys.
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    I am waiting on my Bloomington letters as well! I am curious as to whether or not they have even been sent...? I suppose we'll find out soon enough. I'm waiting for both the ASN and LPN programs. Keeping my fingers crossed for one! Good luck to everyone still waiting, and congrats to those who have been accepted!
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    JNeal... I'm too much of a chicken to call them. I'm afraid calling them will put a jinx on me. I've waited this long without dying; I suppose a few more days won't be the end of me... Close, maybe...
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    CONGRATS!!! For those of you who got your letters!!!! And my fingers and toes are crossed for those of you still waiting!!!!
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    For those still waiting, the letters do eventually come! I would say if you don't get a letter today, call them on Monday. According to their own paperwork letters were supposed to go out on/before May 30th. If there has been a delay, it's your RIGHT to know!

    Fingers crossed that letters arrive soon and that they are good letters!

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