IUPUI Jan 2011 regular BSN application

  1. 0 I am going to apply to IUPUI's nursing program after the summer session for January 2011 admission for the traditional program. Just trying to see if anyone else on here is applying for that admission and what the current GPA is needed for the traditional program.
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    I am also applying for the January 2011 admissions. I have talked to my friends who just got into nursing school and they said the average gpa was around 3.7 for admissions and most had experience/volunteer time included. I am applying with a 3.65 for Jan. 2011, and am hoping for admissions. I hope not many people apply! lol
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    I just went through the application process for IUPUI's fall traditional 2010. Over 300 ppl applied and they offered 240 ppl interviews with a GPA of 3.4 or higher. They take 90 ppl per semester. I have a 3.7 with previous work experience in the medical field so I am hoping that will be good enough. Good luck!!!!

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