IU Hospital floors/RN positions?

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    Any of you familiar with IU Hospital's Associate Partner RN position? I'm looking up jobs on its site and need some help with some of the descriptions. For example, is "Med Nursing Uh 4Sw" a med-surg floor? And if it is, what is "Med Nursing Surg Uh 3Sw"? I'm looking for a med-surg position and need assurance I'm applying for the correct position.

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    Med Nursing, Surg is a med-surg floor. Typically, all their med surg floors tend to specialize, although they all take any type of pt when beds are tight.
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    4SW is a med surg floor with a variety of patients, a lot of liver patients, but many other types as well. It is a fast paced floor. 3SW is also a med surg floor, more post surgical patients. Hope that helps.
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    WickedRedRN and bart0922, thanks for the info!

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