Indiana Wesleyan Univ

  1. Hey any rn's out there doing the rn to bsn at Indiana Wesleyan I wanted some info on this school
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  3. by   errneducator
    I am currently in the program based out of Louisville. I have enjoyed the program so far. A couple of the modules have quite a bit of work, but overall the work load is not bad. I feel like I have learned a lot and grown even more. Quite a bit of the work is split up into team assignments, which can be interesting at times, depending on team dynamics. Any other questions, feel free to pm me.
  4. by   lizzyberry
    Isnt Indiana Weseleyan expensive thought its like 15,000 for the online course rn to bsn for that much I wonder what they have to offer over other schools?
  5. by   Sunflower3
    That's what I paid for my RN-BSN program at Regis University. I thought that was good, when you compare that to going back to bricknmortar tuition