Indiana State University BSN

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    Is any one else applying to the Indiana State University's BSN program for Fall 2010? Has any one gone through the program? Any thoughts, advice, encouragement, cheers...? Thanks a bunch!
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    I am thinking about it. Trying to consider my options.
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    I have applied for Fall 2010 and am waiting to hear of my acceptance
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    Awesome! I haven't turned in my app yet but will soon. A little hurdle came up that may stop me from getting in Fall 2010...Comm 101. I was first told at first since I have a BA already that I didn't have to take it and recently found out that I actually do
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    Forgot to write this above...Megan S good luck, hope u get in! sweetp06 I'm also considering some other schools, probably ones in Indianapolis tho
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    Good luck to you both! MeganS and Dollface6!!!