Family Nurse Practitioner Preceptor Needed!!

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    My name is Dara and I working on my master's degree with a concentration of Family Nurse Practitioner. I am needing a preceptor for the spring semester. If anyone is an FNP or knows one in Indianapolis or surrounding area that would be willing to precept please let me know. In my first clinical I will merely be a fly on the wall watching and learning. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you , Dara

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    I know this information is a little late…sorry. But in case someone else is looking for preceptors. I did a clinical at this location and they accept students for FNP rotations.

    County Line Family Health Center
    8404 Siear Terrace Ste 208

    Their phone number is 317-534-4660. I spoke to Jenny Walden, Clinic Manager. She can be contacted directly at: (317) 534-4668.

    They have other clinics in the state.
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    Hi Dara RN,

    How was your clinical preceptor-finding experience? I'm ready to embark on an online FNP program starting in August, and becoming a bit anxious on finding my own preceptors. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

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