Does anyone know how much CNAs are paid in Northwest Indiana?

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    I live in Northwest Indiana and I am interested in becoming a CNA. Does anyone know how much CNA's get paid in Northwest Indiana ??

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    I gave your discussion another title and moved it over to the Indiana State forum where, hopefully, you will receive a reply that answers your question. Good luck to you!
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    I lived in the Merrillville area years ago and worked as a CNA and the pay was just barely over minimum wage. That was the reason I moved to Indy. Pay was almost double and cost of living cheaper. But that was about 19 years ago, not sure if much has changed since then.
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    When I worked as a CNA, I started off at $8.50/hour. Even after I became a QMA and had several years of experience, I still made only $10.50/hour.

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