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  1. 0 Has anyone took the hesi a2 test. I am sooooooo nervous about taking a test I don't like test that I have to just pop up and take. Eventho, I have the hesi books, teas book, and the study guide. Math I keep getting an F and the rest of the test I get B and C. My question is did any fail the test and if so do they let you slide. Do they have you take a refresh course in what you failed in or you just fail. I have to go in the morning to take my test. I did not have time to study and basically did not know what I was studying because the math I just could not get. It is making it even harder because nobody know not even my husband know that I am trying to go back to school. The Admission Advisor makes it seem so easy and she don't know nothing in the medical field. I am currently an CNA, went to school for Surgical Tech 3yrs ago and decided that I don't want to be a Surgical Tech. I graduated with honors and don't want to take that exam. But I am studying for that test as well.
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