Can I get in to IVY nursing program with 85 score on teas?

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    I'm applying at Ivy Tech Elkhart, My teas was 85.7. I don't have great grades, B's on A&P 1&2, Micro C, and I'm looking at an A for English-
    all these are taken here at Ivy Tech Elkhart, I'm wondering if I should keep my hopes up? Help anyone?

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    What did you get for Psyc? Micro wouldn't count. Even with 2 Bs and 2 As you would be looking at a 188 total counting in region points. I'd probably retake the classes you got Bs in but then again it all depends on your applicant pool.
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    I'm just now taking Psych and I think I'm looking at a B at best. I'm a VA student and a single mom of 2 to top it off. Wow, thanks for your response, I have no Idea how to calculate these things. I guess I'll try another school where there aren't program requirements like this. Thanks!
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    Apply for the program 85.7 is excellent, you'll get in
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    ^^ that's not true. With three Bs and one A it is probably unlikely that she would get in with a 178 total.

    OP- any nursing school you find is going to have stringent requirements such as this. Most will require a 4.0 GPA.

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