Any fall LPN students ???

  1. Hey guys i am entering the fall LPN program at everest !!! Im scared , excited and apprehensive !!!! Any other students going too ??
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  3. by   rosagee
    Im starting long school this fall. I finished all my prereq. I feel the same way as u. A lil nervowus but also excited. I live in Louisiana. Good luck
  4. by   rosagee
    Sorry lpn school.
  5. by   loulou55
    How long did it take you all to finish pre-req's?
  6. by   rosagee
    4 months. 1 semester
  7. by   loulou55
    Is there a waiting list for the LPN program?
  8. by   rosagee
    I believe there is always a waiting list. Where im at there is a waiting list till spring semester and that list is getting long. I think its till next fall now
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