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Nurses Focus on a Future that Demands Acute Care
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Nurses Focus on a Future that Demands Acute Care

by Regis University - The nurse practitioner role is growing in acute care settings. If you’re an NP who’s trained in primary care, it’s important to consider how the future of health care will impact your field and your...

Alternative Medicine and the Latin American Patient

Alternative Medicine and the Latin American Patient

by lorimadden - For caregivers managing Latin American immigrant patients, understanding how traditional or folk medicine relates to modern treatments is essential. What happens when self treatment doesn't work or...

The One I Have Never Forgotten

The One I Have Never Forgotten

by Breezey02 - As a student Practical Nurse, I made a commitment that I would go on a Medical Mission Trip to give back to those less fortunate for what I have been given. I signed on with a group of Nurses and...

Coping up after Job Rejection

Coping up after Job Rejection

by jambRN - My article is all about my journey in coping up after a rejection from the job that I was aiming for. It is about asking all the other nurses for support so I can continue my dreams and be able to...

Programming Your Brain for Successful Learning in Nursing

Programming Your Brain for Successful Learning in Nursing

by Aromatic - Since I’ve been picking up so many shifts for people’s vacations this summer, I have not had time to write a whole lot for this article yet L. But I will give you all a quick base from which we can...

Mistakes? Need advice, quit or recover?

Mistakes? Need advice, quit or recover?

by WillowtreeRN - I have been an inpatient PEDS Rn for 1 yr. I made a mistake, a lapse in judgement, that caused no harm and was fixed immediately. I was helping a physician with a procedure and I misunderstood what...

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  • 38

    Yea no venom detected. Test results do show elevated levels of butt hurt.

  • 37

    Quote from hillbillienurse
    I did not present my question as a complaint, but as a question. I wrote the question for a friend. Now that the bad attitude bunch has squealed and shaken a crooked finger, I will wait and be appreciative of answers that aren't laden with venom from elsewhere.
    What "venom"? You asked a question and a few different people have answered. I don't read anything negative or critical in the responses. Yes, an RN can be assigned to work as a CNA. Most of us have had that experience over the years at one time or another. I've never minded it particularly; I was getting paid my usual wages for what was usually a much easier shift.

  • 31

    There's generally not any reason why they can't, this is why job descriptions usually include a phrase along the lines of "and other duties as directed". Personally I don't have any problem with this, being the best paid CNA around usually isn't something to complain about.

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    CNA duties are nursing duties that can be delegated, yes? So, there's no reason a nurse shouldn't do the work if needed. If the facility is willing to pay nursing wages for CNA work, why not?

  • 20

    Did you leave before your shift was over? If yes, that's unprofessional, even if you had informed your charge nurse.

    I would have finished my shift and asked to speak with the charge nurse before I went home. In addition, I would document the interaction.

    I hope this works out for you, but be prepared to face disciplinary action.

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    Quote from Emergent
    My thought is that, wouldn't having random drug testing hanging over ones head deter nurses from even starting a habit? People don't start out addicted. They have to cross that line for the first time. Then the use gradually escalates into physical addiction.

    I detest random drug testing as much as anyone. But, it's like a vaccine. We KNOW, statistically, that a certain percentage of nurses are prone to addiction if exposed to certain substances. We have to PREVENT the person from catching this disease that not everyone will be susceptible to. I found out after my surgery last year that I'm not prone to opiate addiction. But some people are, and it''s probably a genetic predisposition.

    I would submit to random testing in order to prevent my colleagues from being exposed to substances that could trigger this disease in them.
    People become addicted to drugs /alcohol for 2 reasons, emotional or physical pain. The threat of RDS will not deter.You are not your brother's keeper. Do not give up your personal freedoms to protect anyone.
    Again , let the powers that be.. do their thing.

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