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Easy as Blood Gases from a Dead Lady

maybe it's because i'm older now, or maybe it's because i've mellowed somewhat with age, but i'm... Read More


The World is a Dangerous Place

every morning, before we climbed into the white land rovers with our humanitarian organization’s... Read More

Those Darn Nursing Caps

some of us are from a time and place where nursing caps were not only prized but mandatory. the... Read More

What a Nightmare.... (Humorous)

So, the alarm went off at 5 am, me, I'm still tired so I hit snooze. Finally, 6:30 rolls around... Read More

The Bee Keeper- funny nursing story

I had been an RN for about 8 years working only in PICU or NICU, when I took a position in the NICU... Read More

Remember the Geri-Chair?

Long ago and in another state, I worked on a med-surg floor of a famous hospital. At that time,... Read More

You Can't Be Naked in the Hall

I've been living on a floating hospital in Liberia for the past nine months now. Coming from a... Read More

Funny nursing story

I was working at a large hospital in Sacramento at the time. I worked on a Diabetic/Renal... Read More

A First Assessment

I have been a nurse for over 18 years now and am blessed to have had many accomplishments... Read More

I married Santa

Several years ago I was working as a new LPN on a busy Med-Surg unit in a small town in Northern... Read More

All Bleeding Stops . . . Eventually

all bleeding stops . . . eventually one of the basic tenets of "house of god" (written, i believe, by samuel shem -- my fourth copy disappeared... Read More

Patient Laughter, My Pain!

I was in my clinical working on a Telemetry/MedSurg Floor. About half the day had past and I along with my preceptor RN received a new admit that had... Read More

OB Nurse in the Old Days, “Lord, Take Me Now”

When I was a brand-spanking new GN, that’s Graduate Nurse, (in those days we got to work as a nurse for the 2-3 months it took for us to received our... Read More

My First Code

i hadn’t been a nurse for very long, but i was asked to team lead, do charge and supervise nursing students. “don’t worry,” i was told. “these are... Read More

Marvin the Painted Lady

I had been a nurse for about a year and I loved working in my little LTC in a tiny town. The town was so small that the closest hospital was in a... Read More

There is alot of fertilizer in some cardiac patients

"Funny Nursing related Stories" I was a fairly new step down unit RN in a teaching hospital in NW Oklahoma and as such we had alot of what the... Read More

Sabbath Baby

She spilled out of the elevator as the doors opened, huffing and puffing. I could still feel the cold off her wool coat, which was not close to... Read More

I'm going to jail for sure!

In 1992, I was a brand new LPN (probably even had the new nurse smell) working on a busy med/surg floor. I was so proud and excited for my new career... Read More

A "Hallmark Christmas in Shriner's Hospital"

In 1972 I was injured in a series of events that lead to my eventual hospitalization in Shirner's Hospital for Crippled Children in Philadelphia. In... Read More

Candid Camera

a few years back, i was working for a small community mental health office in washington state. i had been asked to cover for another nurse who had... Read More

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