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If someone asked you to answer the question, "Are nurses made or born", what would you say? I... Read More

An Honor

I entered through the front door of the nursing home just after 8am. I then signed in at the front... Read More

Waiting has a magnificent purpose.

by jesjay

I am twenty-two. I just received my nursing license six months ago. I have attended two trainings... Read More

Being a Team Player

by trixie

Many nurses want to advance in their careers. Few go into the nursing profession planning on being... Read More

Clinical Governance and Risk Managment

by XB9S

One of the aspects of UK healthcare that is supposed to help us provide good quality care for our... Read More

Hope: Losing a Child

Their stories were all congruent. In expectation, they have waited for their first born. ... Read More

Inmates as Patients in Hospital

by 4cas2

An issue arose at my hospital during my consolidation as a student, and it had both ethical and... Read More

Active Learning Strategy: Concept Mapping

by VickyRN

A concept map is a flowchart or diagram that shows the inter-relationships among concepts (ideas,... Read More

Mommy will be there

People frequently ask why did you become a nurse? It's like the day time talk shows calling an... Read More

How do I clear cookies?

by Joe V

What is 'Automatic Sign-In'? When you sign-in, you will be given the option to 'Remember Me'.... Read More

The Extent That You Will Go For Your Patient

I was standing next to his bed, telling him a joke and he got majorly, majorly tickled and started laughing really, really hard...and blew a hocker... Read More

The caregivers taking care of ourselves

oh my gosh, the pandemic is here! mass destruction is upon us and the end of the world will happen. great googly moogly, perhaps we should all make... Read More

Revolutionizing Neonatal Transport Part 1- History

As neonatal intensive care nurses and nurse practitioners, how often do we reevaluate where our critical care transport programs stand in relation to... Read More

Postpartum Mood Disorders

by Elvish

The postpartum period - just after giving birth - is, for most a time of happiness and adjustment to new family roles. However, for some women it is... Read More

For Patrick...

For Patrick He died around 6 a.m last September 23; his death certificate indicated Herniation Syndrome as the cause after few weeks in a... Read More

Quality of Care and Foreign Nurses

Importing foreign trained nurses is no new phenomenon, America has been importing nurses for over fifty years since 1965, according to B.L. Brush and... Read More

New Grads, A Few Words of Encouragement

by Brian

After reading so many threads here on about the hard times many new grads are having at getting jobs, I just wanted to share a few... Read More

Just One Person

Shift change. Lights blinked and bells dinged in front of almost every room on the 40-bed telemetry unit as day shifters reported off. I organized... Read More

What Are Private Messages?

by Joe V

Private messages work a little like email, but are limited to registered members with 15+posts. You may include BB code, smilies and images in... Read More

Watching My first Open Heart Surgery

I had just started to work at this newer and larger hospital in 1982 and it was on a telemety unit that specialized in post open heart surgery. I... Read More