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Farting IS STILL Funny!

By SN_sandersj - Farting IS STILL Funny! I am a student nurse in my second semester of nursing school on a Medical-Surgical unit at a local hospital. I began this Tuesday at 0600, picked up my patient assignment, and reviewed her chart. Seventy-two year old admitted November 4th for nausea, weakness, and fatigue. Further review of her chart showed that the patient's medical history included a bowel resectioning, wound evisceration (complication of... Read More


Communication Chaos!

By gsu8696 - It was my second night as charge nurse for the evening shift on the oncology unit in the hospital where I worked. There were three major problems: one, I was charge nurse on the oncology unit; two, it was the evening shift; and three, I had no oncology experience. I had been assured by my colleagues who had recruited me to the unit as well as the head nurse on our unit that the fact that I had no oncology experience and that I was... Read More


Patriots' Act!

By gsu8696 - It was a night like most others on our oncology/med surg unit. It didn’t appear to be as busy as most other nights. A minimal amount of call lights were being utilized. The nursing assistants (yes, we had nursing assistants back then!) were not asking for much help and overall the floor just seemed a little quieter than usual for the 3-11pm shift. I should have known then that the serenity was not a good sign! Most of the patients... Read More


Easy as Blood Gases from a Dead Lady

By Ruby Vee - maybe it's because i'm older now, or maybe it's because i've mellowed somewhat with age, but i'm convinced that medical and surgical residents these days are far nicer than they were in the past. no one has tried (knock wood) to rip me a new one for years now and it's been decades since i got a truly, outrageously stupid or assinine order. in 1984, however, or thereabouts, there was a class of residents that stands out for stupid,... Read More


The World is a Dangerous Place

By datnurse - every morning, before we climbed into the white land rovers with our humanitarian organization’s logo on both sides, we waited for laura, the office coordinator, to return from the security meetings. she gave us a briefing before we headed out to the field to hold clinic in tiny buildings, called ambulantas, scattered about the kosovo countryside. if any areas were considered "hot," which meant a recent murder or riot had occurred that... Read More


Those Darn Nursing Caps

By annarnbuddy - some of us are from a time and place where nursing caps were not only prized but mandatory. the caps were presented in solemn ceremonies that were long awaited by nursing students, symbols of a rite of passage on our way to being a true healthcare professional. they came in all sorts of shapes based on the school you were attending at the time. some were like cupcake holders, fluted all around, others like wings, sticking out on both... Read More


What a Nightmare.... (Humorous)

By NurseAlwaysNForever - So, the alarm went off at 5 am, me, I'm still tired so I hit snooze. Finally, 6:30 rolls around and I'm jumping out of bed and scrambling to be at work by 7. Arrive at work at 6:59, rush to clock in, realize, hey, my badge is still at the house. Okay, no big deal. I fill out a paper for my time. Report to the morning meeting and sit down to get report. My boss is looking at me and keeps licking the side of her lip. I'm thinking... Read More


The Bee Keeper- funny nursing story

By PICNICRN - I had been an RN for about 8 years working only in PICU or NICU, when I took a position in the NICU of a brand new hospital. The doors had only been open for a few weeks and the maternity center had been rather slow... therefore, no sick babies yet. The ER, however, was busting at the seems! So, one day my manager gave me the choice... go home or go to the ER and help them out. She assured me that I would just stock shelves and help... Read More


Remember the Geri-Chair?

By Ruby Vee - Long ago and in another state, I worked on a med-surg floor of a famous hospital. At that time, patients waited in the hospital for nursing home beds to become available, a wait that could sometimes last a year or more. We had as a patient an elderly Spanish aristocrat I'll call Juan. Although Juan had been in the US for decades, a series of strokes had wiped out his command of the English language, along with most of his... Read More


Pediatric Hospice Humor

By gsu8696 - Pediatric patients intimidate me. It’s amazing how a little person who looks at you with huge, unsuspecting eyes can steal your heart and scare the dickens out of you in the same second. So imagine pediatric patients who are dying. No don’t! It’s actually a horrible thought…but it happens. And they have to be cared for just like big people who are dying. I had been the manager of our hospice inpatient unit for a couple of years. I... Read More


Nurse Suzy-Q to the RESCUE!!!!

By NurseAlwaysNForever - Average day with an average med pass, right? It’s the weekend, no head honcho’s in sight, and I’m a new nurse eager to do a great job. Still not comfortable in my own skin, but starting to get in a “routine“. Heck, it was Sunday and nothing could go wrong, right? NOT. Here I am moseying down the hall taking care of business. VS before dig, crush so and so‘s meds, not the Dilantin capsule though, put it in a bit of apple sauce. Flush... Read More


How to Electrocute a Mouse

By Ruby Vee - it was my second nursing job, and i had moved from the small farming community near where i grew up halfway across the country to the big city. i was awed by my good fortune at landing a job in a world renowned hospital system, excited about working in a brand new building and thrilled to be meeting world famous physicians. but there were some things that weren't at all as i had envisioned them. the cockroaches moved with us from... Read More


All Bleeding Stops . . . Eventually

By Ruby Vee - all bleeding stops . . . eventually one of the basic tenets of "house of god" (written, i believe, by samuel shem -- my fourth copy disappeared because, once again, i let someone borrow it!) is that "all bleeding stops eventually." either it stops because homeostasis is achieved or it stops because there is no longer blood in the body or a heart to pump it around. all bleeding stops eventually. the trick is to get it to stop... Read More


Patient Laughter, My Pain!

By SheSoFine26 - I was in my clinical working on a Telemetry/MedSurg Floor. About half the day had past and I along with my preceptor RN received a new admit that had already had a NG tube. He was being admitted in order to have a peg tube placed. The patient was really nice and even though he was in the hospital he did have a sense of humor. I explained to him that I was a nursing student and that I would be working along with his RN for the day.... Read More


OB Nurse in the Old Days, “Lord, Take Me Now”

By OBNURSE81 - When I was a brand-spanking new GN, that’s Graduate Nurse, (in those days we got to work as a nurse for the 2-3 months it took for us to received our board results), I was told I would have a minimum of 3 weeks working with another nurse on orientation. Three days after I started on the OB unit one of the other nurses got sick and was going to be out of commission for 6 weeks. Without another thought I was thrown into the mix. ... Read More


My First Code

By Ruby Vee - i hadn’t been a nurse for very long, but i was asked to team lead, do charge and supervise nursing students. “don’t worry,” i was told. “these are our students, so they can help you out.” as the first bsn grad ever hired in our hospital, i took a lot of grief from the diploma nurses who went to the hospital’s nursing school and graduated knowing more than i knew after a year of nursing. those nursing students did teach me more than... Read More


Marvin the Painted Lady

By flashpoint - I had been a nurse for about a year and I loved working in my little LTC in a tiny town. The town was so small that the closest hospital was in a town about 30 miles away…and that town was so small that the hospital only had a doctor on call, there wasn’t a doctor in house 24/7. Our local pharmacy supplied all of our residents with their medication and the pharmacist was a grouchy man, who hated anything to do with our nursing home. ... Read More


There is alot of fertilizer in some cardiac patients

By Psychtrish39 - "Funny Nursing related Stories" I was a fairly new step down unit RN in a teaching hospital in NW Oklahoma and as such we had alot of what the locals called "county patients' . I just called them patients from different walks of life. And as such one night I had two fresh open hearts and a post cath patient and things were cooking along pretty well... Well this one gentleman with the post open heart was feeling nauseated and in... Read More