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Confessions of A Hospital Administrator: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Confessions of A Hospital Administrator: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

by ServantLeader - You’ve probably heard of the now controversial Johns Hopkins study that medical mistakes are the third leading cause of death in the U.S. When, as part of an assignment, I asked a Chief Medical...

Yippiee !!  I Cracked the Nursing School Interview!

Yippiee !! I Cracked the Nursing School Interview!

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Becoming an RN in 75 questions!

Becoming an RN in 75 questions!

by NurseAri16 - Hey everyone! I was asked to write a blog about my experience with NCLEX and some advice I would give those going in. I promised I would write one so here I am! First things first....RELAX!! Lol...



by RNtobe2016_CA - Countdown until graduation! I still can’t believe I’m writing that. One more month and I’ll graduate with my BSN. I remember walking into my first class, health assessment with disbelief and shock at...

Creating a Resume with One Year Experience

Creating a Resume with One Year Experience

by Nurse Beth - Does one still include any clinical information? For instance, my capstone took place in my specialty. Is it worth it to keep that information on there? I know that when you've had multiple years of...

A Day in the Life of a Hospice Nurse

A Day in the Life of a Hospice Nurse

by jeastridge - A Day in the Life of a Hospice Nurse I slung my computer bag over my shoulder and pondered the question one of my nurse colleagues who worked at the hospital asked me. She wondered what my typical...

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  • 31

    You are barking up the wrong tree.
    Nursing didn't change. Corporate health care changed nursing.
    Your unit is obviously understaffed. We all know one CNA for 30 patients is not adequate. Are you aware of the nurse/ patient ratio?

    It was never that I felt passing water and toileting a patient was EVER below me...the MAN kept piling so much responsibility on me, that I could not take on one more task.

    Know your battles, pick them wisely.

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    Quote from princesscoronado
    I work at a hospital. We have CNA's some nurses think it's bellow them to even take their patient to the bathroom. Hell they even refuse to get water if the patient needs it. Sometimes the unit is filled and all 30 beds are occupied and due to staffing issues, we only have 1 NA. An NA who is expected to run to bed alarms, get snacks, change an incontinent and take patients to the bathroom. I mean I've seen nurses complain about even placing a bedpan on the patient. It's ridiculous. When did nursing change and how do we change it back to being a team job?
    If they're staffing one CNA for 30 patients, they might need more players on the "team". I don't mind getting water and toileting patients, but I often have higher priority tasks that I have to give greater consideration to. It's not always a matter of "wanting" to help, or not.
    That being said, there are plenty of lazy nurses and CNAs.

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    I am just curious as to how the post pertains to new nurses.

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    Quote from princesscoronado
    some nurses think it's bellow them to even take their patient to the bathroom.
    Griping about this is wasted energy. You will never be able to change these nurses views regarding ADLs such as toileting and feeding. The only aspects you can control are your views and reactions to the situation.

    Always remember that the nurses can help you complete all of your duties, but you cannot help them complete all of their tasks. So, while their time is sucked up slinging bedpans and feeding patients, they fall hopelessly behind with assessments, med pass and documentation that you cannot legally do for them.

    The nurse's job looks easier to those who are on the outside looking in.

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    Quote from Ihmbcm
    I'm not surprised that I've been acting erratic. I've recently had a horrible tragic loss of one of my children. We also have a new nurse who seems to hate me.

    I have prescriptions for both vicodin and percocet. From what I've read hydrocodone metabolizes unto hydromorphone, so I should be safe right?
    I am surprised you can still function.. period. You are in mourning. Is your manager aware?
    Yes, vicodin and percocet will show as any other opioid.
    PLEASE consult your provider on this. Damn it all.. your thread will probably be closed as against TOS and all that crap.
    Screw the job.. Please...take care of YOURSELF.

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    Quote from flymaxwell05
    I have a friend who used the term, "watered down nursing" I think nurses lose their skills, when they cannot practice the way they were taught. Nursing sure has changed. In a dire situation, (you know, one where no *specialty* skilled nurse is around), what are you going to do? I would say, stay up with your skills (insist on it!) no matter where you go. If you cannot in the organization where you are, then perhaps think of researching organizations that will allow you to be a nurse! I am a psych nurse and we do not have certain nurses who take care of only depressed people, or certain nurses who take care of acute schizophrenic patients. You may also want to think about working part-time as a staff (bedside) nurse and part time IV nurse, if your organization allows this.
    You stating that you are a psych nurse but do not believe or approve in specialty nursing is humorous.

    You need to have surgery to fix a broken leg. Do you ask your family physician to perform the surgery? If not then that is the reason for specialty nursing.

    I agree that every nurse should have a broad knowledge and skill set but as patients become sicker and more complicated we will see more and more specialty nurses, and other specialty professions, arise.

    Is it better to have a single mediocre person or a team of experts?