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You know it's true-just don't say it!

You know it's true-just don't say it!

by Eschell2971 - As nurses, we're taught that every patient has challenges, rights, and deserves our respect. And, this is true. But, it's also true that not every patient is respectful, cooperative, or just nice....

If I can do you, you can do it too!

If I can do you, you can do it too!

by milliem - Hello, I just wanted to contribute to this website because for the last couple of years, it has been a lifesaving resource to me and I always told myself that when I passed the NCLEX I would write...

The Respect You Get

The Respect You Get

by Ruby Vee - It's that time of year again. New nurses have started their first jobs and are experiencing the culture shock as they transition from student to nurse. Many of them complain that they are not...



by CardiacDork - "5 beats of pulse-less vtach converted to sinus tach" I told the doctor. "Guys we need the crash cart here fast" I yelled out the hall to my pod mates. The physician intuitively placed his right...

Nothing Like a Nurse Navigator!

Nothing Like a Nurse Navigator!

by jeastridge - Nothing Like a Nurse Navigator! “So it’s cancer,” my friend said, telling me the sad news about her recent breast biopsy. “They have been watching this nodule for a little while and it just...

PCCC nursing evening chance of getting in

PCCC nursing evening chance of getting in

by Timajori1 - Hi, I am currently a student at Pasaaic county community college (PCCC) and I want to go for the nursing evening program. Oct 1 2016 is the deadline & Jan is the beginning. I heard it harder than the...

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    Stop taking those extra shifts! You are teaching those who ask that you won't say no, and they know now who they can sucker into it. Your body and patient care will suffer if you keep this up. Stop it!

    Practice in the mirror if you have to, and remember "No" is a complete sentence.

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    The title may be asking a question, but the body of the article makes many "claims", many of which I find to be incorrect and show a definite lack of research and supporting literature to said statements. As a PMHNP I find this "article" disturbing and not educational at all. Go post this on the psychiatry forum at SDN and see what kind of responses are forthcoming from the psychiatrists.

    How can a person 'decide' when they are not given the correct information.

    "Medications can lower the energy amount in children, calming and relaxing them to the point where they simply do not have enough energy to be impulsive."
    This statement shows a complete lack of understanding in the actual mechanisim of most medications used to treat ADHD.

    I'm a pretty positive, live and let live type of person/poster but these psuedo educational articles are ridiculous.

  • 18

    Would you kindly share your source for the claims made in this article? Also, what is your own professional experience with ADHD?

    Edit: Lastly, it doesn't seem that your target audience was the educated health professionals that make up the majority of AN members.

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    Pretty sure that your employer is in violation of labor laws by allowing you to work all those hours. Pretty sure also that you are not working safely as a nurse. How could you be? 4 hours of sleep per night? 17 hour shifts??? Absolutely NOT normal working hours.

    You are only human and your body will not sustain this kind of pace for very long. You have to decide how many (if any) shifts outside of your assigned shifts that you WANT to work. Then stick to it. As long as you allow yourself to be run over in this way, you will be.

    In addition, the "being understaffed" will not change until management is forced to change it. If you (and others) continue to fill in holes in the schedule, they will never hire more nurses.

  • 16

    What is this dreck?

    It's embarrassing, inaccurate, and downright dangerous. There is an obvious anti-stimulant bias and the alternatives listed are... "we'll" say misleading.

    As an adult sufferer of ADHD whose entire immediate family has been diagnosed with the disorder, I can tell you that this "article" is crap. Do your own research, talk to your psychiatrist or provider, and don't look to the Internet to provide you with medical advice.

    By the way, this whole "article" seems like medical advice, which is against the TOS.

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    I'm not sure why it's your job to prove a point to your family? Surely you have more important things going on in your life?
    if he's pulled the wool over the eyes of his Dallas job, it will catch up with him sooner rather than later