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When the Patient Refuses Hospice

George stepped out of the hospital room and shut the door softly behind him. As his Faith Community Nurse, I had just stopped by to check in and asked him if it might be a good time to talk. "She...

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Understanding Health Disparities: A Case Study of Jane and June

Nurses understand health disparities, but it may not be a topic you ponder everyday. This article explains health disparities, social determinants of health, and how this impacts the care you give...

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Bizarre Med Order

This is actually a kiddo on the daycare side, not preschool side, of my agency. And actually, he's a 4 month old baby, not kid. But anyways. Has bad reflux that's not under control plus I guess had a...

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How is drug testing done at your facility?

Hi, I am just curious how drug testing is performed at your job facility? Does someone go into the room with you? How do random tests work? Does someone accompany you to the lab? Are they done at...

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I don't think I can take it anymore.

Hey guys, just feeling down about the start of my nursing career. I am 4 months into my nursing career, i am in the ICU at a small community hospital. I am 4 days of orientation, orientation was...

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Favouritism in nursing school!

I just had my nurse pinning and it was an amazing experience but I also left feeling a little bit upset. They gave out awards and some if the awards for clinical excellence. A good bit of the...

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:nailbiting: :nurse: FIELD DAY!!!! HELP!!!! AND TOMORROW!!!! HELP!!!! :nailbiting: :nailbiting: :arghh:

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Nurse Beth
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Nurse Beth

Is it a waste of my talent to go into Home Health?

Dear Nurse Beth, I work on a busy cardiac telemetry floor at a large hospital. I love my job most days despite how hectic and stressful it sometimes gets. The only problem is that the hospital is...

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How to pay for school

Hi I am an LPN who just got accepted to a LPN to RN bridge program. I am not at a loss, I just found out I am only eligible for $1000 from financial aid and with my credit I am not getting any...

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Concerns about Transition to School Nurse

I have an interview today for school nurse at a 6-8th grade campus. My first two years of nursing have been on an adult tele/step-down unit at a trauma hospital. I actually enjoy my job most days but...

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Right med but suspended

Need help. I was pulled into HR concerning a patient's chart. I gave the right pt the correct antibiotic at the correct time. BUT it would not scan. I got caught up with a few other pts and two hrs...

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Car germs

Hi all I am anxious about wearing my uniform post shift in the car on the way home. I worry that germs will be transmitted to my car and when I drive in my car when I am not working my clothes get...

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Is late or lack of Documentation a reason for fireability?

So, i work in an ICU. It is always busy and were always tripled. The only time we actually have one to one is when theres a balloon pump or impella. The rest doesnt really count. Recently, i have...

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Ramadan & Field Day

Hi. New School nurse and have a very diverse student population. Ramadan started last week and I have a good amount of kids 1st-6th grade come in complaining of headache, stomach ache, nausea, dizzy....

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Patient had terrible fall

So my patient had a terrible fall last week. She ended up with a broken wrist. I go in today and notice HUGE bruises (with what appears to be hematomas on her back). She has already been to the...

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Help on getting into nursing school

Hello. I need some advice from people who have gone through similar hardships as I am currently facing. I currently have a B.S. in developmental biology and graduated with a 2.35. Yes I know that's...

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And Just Like That...

they walk out of your life.... My young man, who I have seen so much growth in this year, just came by to say, "So long." 4 years ago before I ever met him, we had already been informed of student...

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NP Students
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Bachelor in Human Biology to DNP pathway

I will be graduating with a Bachelor in Human Biology next spring and I want to become a DNP, but I'm just not sure on the pathway that I should take and I would love some advice. I have shadowed a...

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Being monitored but would like to move to another state

My nursing license was suspended in December. My ex husband reported me when I experienced a painful relapse. I was not agreeable to joining the health professionals service program at that time and...

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Law against RN's working >60HR in 7 Days? Is this true?

I give the following info not to try and make a person or place looks bad but because laws differ from state to state and Federal vs Private. I work in a department at a VA Hospital in the State of...

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