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Emergency Response for Dummies

By big al lpn - As camp nurses we are asked to fulfill the role of emergency response for our organizations. This article is meant to help nurses get a handle on what can often be a difficult topic to approach. It is written based on my experiences, as a LPN and EMT. However, as I have said in previous posts, I do... Read More

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15 an imperfect world.

By ~*Stargazer*~ - I recently took a new job where I was just amazed by the teamwork displayed by the entire staff. I was just in awe. But now, the honeymoon is over. I'm starting to see the chinks in the armor. Like Neo in "The Matrix", catching glimpses of the true reality, I am beginning to "wake up". Don't... Read More


"I'm not the doctor!"

By sweetdreameRN - As a patient family member (who is also a nurse), I recently encountered an interesting situation. The nurse corrected the assumption she was the doctor by saying "Oh I'm not the doctor, I don't want that much responsibility"! Attitudes such as this one perpetuate the subservient mentality of many... Read More


Humble Pie

By jadelpn - After many years as a successful LPN in acute care, there are more and more LPN's who are being shred of their nursing duties. Even more that are being laid off. Some being required to obtain more schooling in order to keep their positions. And even some that are sensing they are being set up to... Read More


All the Things We Carry

By Elvish - Every so often, a thread pops up around here: "What's in your pockets?" In other words, what do you carry that you know you'll need before your shift is up? Most of us carry alcohol swabs (never enough of those), penlights, probably a syringe or two, some 2x2s, tape, and it's a running joke on my... Read More


Short Circuit: Supraventricular Tachycardia for the Novice PICU Nurse

By NotReady4PrimeTime - Let's pretend you're working on a pediatric inpatient unit and one of your patients was admitted for the ubiquitous and poorly-defined failure-to-thrive syndrome. This little kiddo is 5 months old and weighs 4 kg, so obviously not a robust and chubby individual. Physical exam of Julie, as we'll... Read More


Mary Eliza Mahoney: America's First Black Woman to Complete Nursing Training

By NRSKarenRN - Learn about America's First Black Nurse to graduate from a nursing training program: Mary Eliza Mahoney. Forty two nursing trainees entered the Training School of Nurses, New England Hospital for Women and Children in 1878. Mary was one of only four to graduate and receive a diploma from the... Read More


Just a little advice after a year in the ICU.

By francoml - I have been an ICU nurse for about a year now. I have learned a million and one things and still have a lot left to learn. I just wanted to offer a little help to new grads trying to get into the critical care scene and newly hired nurses in the ICU. First.... If you want to be an ICU nurse... Read More


Haywire! Some Uncommon Causes of Status Epilepticus in Children

By NotReady4PrimeTime - Seizures are not unusual in the pediatric population. But there are some uncommon causes of prolonged seizure activity that the PICU nurse might encounter at least once in a career. This article contains a brief overview of three such underlying disorders: Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, West syndrome and... Read More


No! It is NOT OK.

By Episteme - As a student you learn that the nurse-patient relationship is critical for effective, humane, holistic patient care. You also learn that the communication necessary for a nurse-patient relationship is a two-way street. There is what we sayÖ and there is what the patient hears. Both of these must be... Read More


Don't choose a school until you ask these questions!

By ixchel, rn - As you consider beginning the journey into nursing, it is very important that you pave the way to success early. There are a lot of choices to be made, and it doesn't matter if you are a fresh new high school graduate or a 45-year old parent considering a second career Ė you need to consider some... Read More


My Kaplan Experience (Passed 05/06/14)

By moychiiiii - Having taken NCLEX three times, I was able to evaluate what I did right and wrong during my NCLEX review. I used a variety of sources and practiced different review methods until I was able to pass the exam.The posts found on the forum helped me a lot during my review and I hope that... Read More


My moment in the sun

By ixchel, rn - As much as I expected school to teach me, I never expected I would learn even more from life. Strength and evolution have been my own personal "survival mode" over the last four years. As I count down the days to graduation, I am also counting my many blessings. Congratulations to the Class of... Read More


Thank you for being there when I couldn't be...

By RainbowHead - Today is Mother's Day. I celebrated this day with my mother who has taken care of me, loved me since she found out I was inside of her, and has taken years of emotional/mental abuse for me from her ex-husband, my father. I woke up and got my gift ready to present to her which she loved. Let... Read More


If you fail to plan; then Plan to Fail

By ArrowRN - Itís been a while since Iíve wrote anything lengthy. Iím nearing the end nursing school, and on top of family and school, Iíve added a job to my life because I got to pay for this somehow. I got about 4 months before I graduate and I want to ensure success. I keep reading post after post that some... Read More


My Backpack

By realnursealso/LPN - My backpack now sits in the corner of my room, stethoscope, thermometer, blank nurses notes for multiple agencies that my agency did cases for. Time slips....don't need them anymore. Pens.....I always was running them out of ink because we still used narrative notes for the most part. A... Read More


Why I love being a nurseÖ.

By Esme12 - A long time ago I took care of a Class IV cardiac. For those of you who don't know what this isÖa class IV cardiac patient are symptomatic at rest. They tolerate no activity. Today they are candidate for transplant. Then, they waited to die without the benefits of a portable VAD. Mr.... Read More


Failure is An Option; A New Grad Story

By elixRN - Have you ever made a mistake so horrible you thought you just might not want to continue on the same path anymore? Well I have. This is a story about a big mistake I made, and about my very bumpy path towards getting the nursing job that I have today. "To err is human" means that we all make... Read More