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The Summer Brain Drain

Instead of allowing summer relaxation to rob you of all of that new nursing knowledge you learned... Read More

Unemployed Vanderbilt FNP

Dear Nurse Beth, I am a recent graduate from Vanderbilt University's MSN (FNP) program. I earned my... Read More

Why Do You Get Stressed? (hint: It's How You Think!)

In the first part of this series we looked at the definitions of stress, stressor, emotions and... Read More

A New Way to Deal with Stress

In the first part of this series, we looked at some definitions around stress and the negative... Read More

3 Months Orientation: I Want to Quit.

Dear Nurse Beth, I am almost off orientation of 3 months on a tele floor. I came from psych for... Read More

Nurse Practitioner Wanting to Open CNA Program in NY

Dear Nurse Beth, I am a Nurse practitioner, I need help in looking for where to get training for... Read More

Best Advanced Degree for RN, BSN

Dear Nurse Beth, Which is the best degree to have for an RN. BSN who loves nursing but is unsure... Read More

Adjusting to being a new nurse: How long?

Dear Nurse Beth, I am a new nurse and seem to be struggling. How long will it take me to adjust... Read More

What To Expect From Your Preceptor

Not all preceptors are made in heaven; most are downright human. You can still learn from them,... Read More

Great Nurse = Great Leader???

Often times it seems that the unprepared are thrust into leadership roles without any preparation.... Read More

Avenues for psych nurse certification?

Dear Nurse Beth, I joined the ANA at the advice of a friend who suggested that the ANCC psych mental health nursing board certification would be... Read More

Why can't I get a job??? Keep hearing "Not enough CURRENT experience".

Dear Nurse Beth, Does it matter from which school I graduate and get my BSN? Why am I being passed over constantly for jobs? They are not even... Read More

Am I too old to be an RN.... or should I just stay an LPN?

Dear Nurse Beth, Am I too old to be an RN or should I just stay an LPN ..never had the chance to go to school till now..have two years to finish a... Read More

What Happens When We Leave Our Dream Job?

What happens when we have to find a new dream? When we came to a fork in the road; chose our path; ran towards our destiny and hit a dead end?... Read More

Struggling with Micro and Statistics: Do I have a chance at being a nurse?

Dear Nurse Beth, I am not doing well in Microbiology and Statistics and I was wondering if you think I have a chance at being a nurse if I struggle... Read More

Scholastic Calamity

When is it the right time to go back to school? How do you choose a program? How do you know if you should stick with nursing? Is it worth it? What... Read More

How to Answer "Tell us About Yourself"

"Tell us about yourself" is an interview question you can count on being asked. Sometimes candidates who answer other questions will freeze and... Read More

Preparing for interview with DON

Dear Nurse Beth, I have a question. I am having a second interview this week with the DON and I don't know what to expect. My first interview was... Read More

Is Nursing All About Stress?

In this three-part series we’ll look at the definition of stress and statistics on the causes of stress and its affects on us; how we usually deal... Read More

How to Answer "What's Your Greatest Weakness?"

You got the call and you have an interview set up for your dream job! Congrats! Yay!...But...wait. Now you have to prepare for the interview so... Read More