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Seeking First Job - Need Advice

Hi Nurse Beth, I have a couple of questions however I'll start off with a bit of background. I... Read More


What is leadership? A question that is asked and debated daily on every level of management. We all... Read More

PASSED NCLEX-RN in 265 questions

by rninph

I am sharing this experience, coz I want to inspire others as how others inspired me here. Before I... Read More

Nostalgia: The Aches and Pains of the Real Nursing World

I remember growing up with my Playskool medicine kit and later on watching shows like ER and the... Read More

Comfort in a Cup of Tea

Student nurses have many opportunities to learn from clinical experiences. The most meaningful... Read More

Emotional Health: Strategies for Nurses

Dealing with day to day levels of stress, which can be tough to handle for some individuals. There... Read More

Did I wait too long to become a nurse?

I wanted to be a nurse since I was a young teenager. I married at 19 and had 6 children by the... Read More

Meet Miss Colorado 2015 (Kelley Johnson) - The Nurse Behind the Stethoscope

Over the past few weeks, the topic of the nursing profession has ranked among the top news stories.... Read More

Third World Code Blue

Working in a developing country has reacquainted me with why we do things the way we do in the US.... Read More

Can Pediatric Dialysis be Fun?

Our children hospital embrace the theme “ Power of Play” to welcome every child that comes to the... Read More

Want to Begin Exercising? Check out Your Local Church

I have an elliptical at home, but too many days after work it is easy to find a hundred other... Read More

Accept Your Limitations, Embrace Your Abilities

We all appreciate (and need) study tips, but does that mean they'll automatically work for us?... Read More

A patient to remember.

We have all had patients who are memorable for one reason or another. This little boy will live in my memory forever. He came to the hospital bright... Read More

Some Tips For How To Use Evernote For Nursing School

I strongly recommend using Evernote on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and Desktop. One of the ways I use Evernote, is to keep track of daily... Read More

How to Land a Job

Sometimes landing a nursing job is harder than expected, especially for new graduate nurses. Here are some key things you can do to help land the job... Read More

Are You Protected Against Identity Theft? - FREE Offer for Nurses

We are proud to announce that allnurses and CEO Brian McLane of SafeIDTrust will be joining forces to honor nurses across the country. Allnurses has... Read More

Where are the tears?

by SR9145

Was this because I was new to nursing or was it because it rang home from losing my own mother. The one time I remember crying with a patient's son.... Read More

The worst wound I had ever seen.

by choyles

Time to care I have always believed that night shift nursing is a time for learning. Doctors are out of sight, administrators are home in bed and... Read More

The Extra Mile

As a nurse of 34 years, I have gone above and beyond for many patients. This article is a true account of one of these times; an example of why... Read More

Apple Watch - Why I Love It!

I just purchased an Apple Watch, sport edition approximately a week ago. As an APRN, I use it daily for many different functions. Here's my... Read More

Using my Karate Chops in Nursing


Using my Karate Chops in Nursing I was called to the main desk in the OR at the beginning of my shift because there was a problem with... Read More

3 Tips for overwhelmed Nurses

How to make it thru the week.... Do you ever wonder how are you going to make it through the week? I know, once your day start it seems like the... Read More

Through the back door

by kaylie1

This is my story about my time as a hospice nurse. Providing comfort is at the core or essence of nursing. Although medications can be used, other... Read More

#NursesUnited: Can we continue the momentum for necessary change?

Nursing has been plagued over the years by division within its ranks. However, recent events have resulted in nurses uniting together despite those... Read More

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