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UIC RN-BSN Program Questions

  1. 0 Hi I'm new to allnurses and I'm trying to look for current/recent graduates from UIC's RN-BSN program. I recently graduated from an ADN program and I'm about to start a new position in NSICU. I was wondering if anyone worked full-time while going to school? How stressful are the workloads? How often are clinicals and how often do you meet for class? I'm planning on enrolling part-time but if it proves to be too difficult, I might suck it up, take out some loans and just go to school full-time. Thanks for any help!
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    Did you end up going to UIC's RN-BSN program??
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    The RN-BSN program at UIC does not require you to go to class because it is now online. The classes are 8 week long classes, and you only take them one at a time, so it is very feasible to work full time.
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    So, how about you? Which school did you end up attending? Just curious because I saw your earlier debate and would love the input. I go to JJC, so I know about COD. I have not graduated yet, but am wondering how long I should wait to go for my BSN. Any advice?

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