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Has anyone heard if you've gotten an interview yet? Starting to get anxious!!... Read More

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    Thank you so much! That does help to ease some nerves...I haven't gotten a response yet from GEP on whether FNP is group or individual, but I guess it doesn't really make a difference in the long run. One of my sister's med school interviews was in a group format and they gave all the candidates a case/issue to discuss together, but I don't imagine this would be the same. My understanding is that they want to get to know the applicants, and not necessarily see how they react in a group...? How are you liking the program so far?

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    They haven't had groups work through anything together in the past. During my interview I did interact with the other people in my group, acknowledging and building on their responses if ours were at all similar. But beyond that they want to get to know you and your reasons for applying to that program. I really love the program. The faculty is so hopeful and accommodating. It is very overwhelming at first because you learn so much so quickly but now that we are in clinical, all the studying is really paying off!
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    I was notified last week about my interview for Adult/Ger NP.

    But my friend has not heard back about Advanced Community Health. Has anyone that applied to that specialty heard anything?

    Also, thanks for all of the info, UIC.Class2010! I've never experienced a group interview before and I really appreciate your insight.
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    Has anyone else heard from the WCFHS area, besides pediatrics? I am waiting to hear about Perinatal CNS.
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    I finally got an email this morning about interviews for WHNP, all the waiting was not in vain!!
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    Congrats to everyone who found out they got an interview! I have one question, in my email regarding my interview it only gave me a floor number and a room number should I assume that I should go to the nursing building? was anyone's email more specific?.... think it might be best for me to call and clarify this.
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    My e-mail initially didn't give me any directions or room numbers so I e-mailed her back and it is going to be in the nursing building (845 South Damen) and then she gave me the floor number and room number. I'm sure you will be in the same building, but definitely call to make sure.
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    I finally heard back for WHNP and got an interview I thought it was odd that they called me instead of sending me an e-mail though...but either way I'm
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    Congrats! Is your interview on the 7th as well? I'm excited and nervous...good luck!!
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    Yes its on the 7th. Congrats and good luck to you too!!

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