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  1. 0 Any thoughts or discussion about Trinity Health buying Loyola University Health System?
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    Is this something that has happened or is it in the works? I didn't know anything about it. But if its true that really surprises me considering the name...
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    It's a done deal, effective July 1st.
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    I hope for the sake of current Loyola employees that Trinity makes the wages competitive. I was shocked at the offer I received for a PCT position. I wasn't expecting a great jump, I wanted to work there for the name, but they are not competitive with surround hospitals. I don't believe I'd even call them competitive with nursing homes. The hourly wage literally shocked me considering it was Loyola.
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    I interviewd at Loyola in February for a tele RN position, hourly was $26, on the lower side of normal. PCT positions must be worse

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