South Suburban Fall 2011 Waiting for letter

  1. Ok, I am going nuts waiting for South Suburban College to send out the acceptance letters. I don't know how I will make it til June or July or whenever the heck they will be sending them out. Does anyone know what counts more, your GPA or the Hesi score?????
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  3. by   Mamahere
    Well my friend entered the nursing program last year at ssc and she didn't receive her letter till december and they started in January! I asked a nursing councillor what you need to be guaranteed a place and she told me they basically toss out anything below 3.5 and if there aren't enough people then they review the others over again. I'm not sure about the other score and how important it is to the whole process
  4. by   slgood17
    That is crazy! Waiting til the last minute to send out the letters like that! It is just so nerve wracking waiting. I don't know how the heck everyone stays calm waiting for the letters!
  5. by   elrakeem
    I got my letter back around May 20. I transferred over to SSC but I am in district. Toke one class at SSC and got a C so my GPA was 2.0. My HESI scores were kinda high though. Cant remember them all but I know I did MUCH better than majority of the people that toke it with me.

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