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SIUE Accelerated BSN Fall 2012

  1. 0 Hello fellow future nurses!

    I applied to SIUE's accelerated BSN in late October. I'm anxiously awaiting my letter to let me know if i'm accepted (i'll be hearing back from the school in late jan/early feb) I am receiving my undergrad at Mizzou and have a 3.2 with a degree in Health Sciences and a minor in Biology. Has anyone else applied?? Where are you from? Ahh so nervous!

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    any news??
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    Hi I applied to SIUE's Fall 2012 Accelerated BSN program also! Have you heard anything yet? They told me we will find out in Feb, but I haven't received anything yet! I hope we get in!
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    Hey same here. How'd it go?
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    Hey guys, i've been accepted and begin in august how about you?
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    by the way, do you know where SIUE does clinicals?
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    0 is the program going? i graduated from siue with my BA in 2009 & i'm considering the nursing program for next year. let me know how you are dealing with it so far

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