Should I even try?

  1. I just wanted to get some opinions. I'm sure that there are many posts regarding criminal activity and if they issue licenses, and thats my question. I was charged about 8 years ago ( I was young and made bad choices) with Midemeanor theft <300 dollars, It could of been forgery which is a felony but they lowered it. I am starting the nursing program in august but I just found out that if you have criminal record they will not give you a license. Do I even have a chance, I am just sick about this. It's true what they say, your past always comes back to bite you. Please if anyone knows anything good or bad please let me know. This is such a humbling experience for me.
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  3. by   suebird3
    I would suggest talking with the BON about this situation. Things are dealt with case by case.

  4. by   Tsmithlvn2rn
    You should go to your BNE/BON web site and follow directions on how to file a Declaratory Order with the Board. Do not put this off!!! It takes a number of months for them to make their decision on whether to give permission to TEST. With this process you have the opportunity to tell your side of the explain how long ago it was and what you have done since then to better your situation. They really do look into everything and they WILL find anything. If you are honest, and they can see how much you have grown since your charge, then you will most likely be permitted to sit. BUT if you just allow them to find it down the road, they will REFUSE you for sure!!! The D.O. cost some extra money and TIME but it is so worth it!!! I hope this helps some!! D. O.'s are approved all the time!!!