1. Hey guys! As most of you know, there wasn't a thread for the fall2013 cohort so I decided it was time we created one of our own! It would be a great way of getting to know each other before the program starts. Also, I'm anticipating on creating a facebook group as well!

    I just received my acceptance letter for the Fall and am excited to meet you all soon! Good luck everyone!
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  3. by   rfb24
    I'm starting Fall 2013! I was admitted to the summer 2013 cohort but I decided to defer and start in the fall! Let's start a group on Facebook!
  4. by   umsunny
    I just created one for those who got accepted into the fall 2013 cohort.
    Just search for:
    "Rush GEM Fall 2013" on facebook.
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  5. by   rfb24
    Hmm weird. I can't find it. I only see Rush Gem Summer 2013 in the search.
  6. by   umsunny
    Oh thats strange. what's your name? I can send you an invite instead!

    or try clicking this link:
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