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    Hello everyone, I just got into an ADN program at CCC. Excited but concerned about my future when I graduate. I have a bachelor's degree in Psychology. Is having a Bachelor's and being a RN the same as having a BSN? Sorry if this is a stupid question! Also, how are the job prospects for new grads? Are more hospitals requiring experience?

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    I don't think having another degree in a different field + an ADN necessarily equals a BSN but I'm sure it counts for something. You can spin your psychology degree into having great communication skills/insight into human behaviors etc.

    As for the job market, it's rough. I'm a new grad... I only started applying a few weeks ago. I have one interview. They either want experience or hire internally so I suggest working as a tech in a hospital and impress the nursing managers in that way.

    Congratulations on getting accepted and good luck!
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    Thanks for the advice @sensei07. How does one become a tech? Are you talking about being a nursing assistant? Thanks for your help!

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