Residency at St Elizabeths in Belleville IL INTERVIEW

  1. Hey everyone! I have an interview for the RN residency at St Elizabeths!!!! Im really excited, but equally as nervous. Has anyone gone through an interview there and has any tips? Does anyone know generally how many people would be interviewing for these positions and how many they take (I think the last class was 22?). What is the format of the interview (i.e. how many people will be doing the interviewing, will I be interviewed with my peers as well?).

    Please respond with any information, I'm anxious to know anything!
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  3. by   mombabyRN96
    I can't really answer your question but i used to work there in 2006 in the nursery....i LOVED it!!
  4. by   sm06902
    Im so nervous, its THE job that I want. Im still in shock they called me. Haha