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    i am confused and just want to make sure i am going about things in the right manner. I am a NY LPN and i am in the process of filling out IL app for endorsement..NOW if i send this application in what happens to my NY license? Does it turn over to IL entirely or is the ny license become inactive ? And when i do move back how to do i get my license active again? PLEASE HELP

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    As far as I know, You'll be licensed equaly in both states :-) But, after some time, if you don't renew NY license it'll become inactive.
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    Can I fax some of these papers? Insteaad of mailing them
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    I wonder why they don't have a National Board of Nursing instead of State Boards of Nursing. That way you could easily work in any state without the hassle. And maybe a National union. Just a thought.

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