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Prairie State College

  1. 0 Looking to reconnect with some or any classmates of mine from nursing school. I Graduated in 1983. I have not been in touch with anyone since I moved after graduation to Pennsylvania. I am now studying for my BSN and just started remembering some of the old days in the ADN program.

    I have been working for the same facility for the past 24 years. Moved from Oncology to Critical care. I have been in CCU for over 20 years now and love it. I have also been a house supervisor and a resourse nurse which is like the head nurse of old. I am back to being just the beside nurse and happy to be back. Management is not all what it is cracked up to be. I prefer the hands on.

    I sure would like to hear from anyone.
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    Well I'm sorry I didn't graduate in 83, but i'm graduating Sat. from Prairie State. YAY
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    Quote from beckyrmm
    Well I'm sorry I didn't graduate in 83, but i'm graduating Sat. from Prairie State. YAY
    Congratulation on your graduation. We are sisters now. alumni.
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    beckyrmm, how was your experience in the PSC nursing program? I start the program in the Fall.
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    I am looking to apply to the PSC LPN-RN program for 2011. Do you have any info on the application process. I would appreciate any info from anyone who entered in as a LPN.

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