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    So I have a question for all of you nurses out there: I am a new grad, and I just started a new job. I have currently had only 6 days working with a preceptor. They want me to start on my own tomorrow! Is this normal? How long was everyone elses' orientations??? I do not feel ready to be on my own yet. HELP!

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    What kind of job are you working in? Inpatient? LTC? Home Health?
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    I am working on a postpartum unit.
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    That seems quite a bit short for new grad orientation. At my hospital, regular floors get 8wks orientation, while the critical floors like the ED get 12wks. 6 days, which I assume is 2wks, seems a bit short, especially for a floor on which patients can exsanguinate so easily.

    As I am from a different specialty, I would ask this question in the appropriate specialty forum and see what other postpartum nurses think.
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