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    Hi all!!!
    I have been looking into different nursing schools to find the right fit for me. Recently, someone informed me about Olivet University near Kankakee. I spoke with an advisor that gave me an option to start out in the "traditional route" or the ABSN route. (I do have enough credits to meet the requirments for the ABSN route). The problem is that I'm a little torn between the two, although the ABSN route sounds more enticing (16month completion), I'm a little apprehensive b/c concerns that it may be too fast paced. Also, a vast majority (from my understanding is done online). But the traditional route will take 24 months to complete... I would prefer to get it done sooner

    Please if anyone has any thoughts, comments, or suggesstions, it would be greatly appreciated. I would also love to hear from those that have actually attended Olivet (ABSN or Tradtional program)

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    Email me ktcjwb415@yahoo.com because its only 2 message per hour

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