Oakton Community College Fall 2011

  1. Is there anyone else on here that has applied to Oakton for the Fall 2011 semester?
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  3. by   n0stalgia
    I did and I was accepted. Good luck, I hope you are too!
  4. by   hocketime
    When did you receive your letter?
  5. by   n0stalgia
    Today actually. I wasn't expecting it so soon?!
  6. by   hocketime
    Nice, I know last year people got them on three different days. Hopefully I get mine tomorrow.
  7. by   hocketime
    BTW, I forgot to say Congrats, I was so excited to hear that you received a letter!
  8. by   omonhpy
    I got accepted on got my letter on Monday, March 28th. Last week I got the letter stated that they would be sent by April 28th which is strange since they have a meeting on Monday, April 4th.
  9. by   hocketime
    I know, I thought that was weird. I got my letter on Tuesday, so I will see you Monday morning!
  10. by   omonhpy
    Yes, Monday morning and hope we get the clinical site we want.
  11. by   drgngnr2002
    If you want to have a good experience with clinicals, don't pick LGH....just my 1.9999 cents.....
  12. by   omonhpy
    That's too bad because I worked for northshore and wanted to try a different hospital
  13. by   luvs637
    The 104 group at LGH right now seems to be enjoying it...
  14. by   redvelvet20
    good luck to all who got in... be ready for the craziest roller coaster ride of your life!

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