Oakton Community College Fall 2011

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    Is there anyone else on here that has applied to Oakton for the Fall 2011 semester?

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    I did and I was accepted. Good luck, I hope you are too!
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    When did you receive your letter?
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    Today actually. I wasn't expecting it so soon?!
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    Nice, I know last year people got them on three different days. Hopefully I get mine tomorrow.
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    BTW, I forgot to say Congrats, I was so excited to hear that you received a letter!
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    I got accepted on got my letter on Monday, March 28th. Last week I got the letter stated that they would be sent by April 28th which is strange since they have a meeting on Monday, April 4th.
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    I know, I thought that was weird. I got my letter on Tuesday, so I will see you Monday morning!
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    Yes, Monday morning and hope we get the clinical site we want.
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    If you want to have a good experience with clinicals, don't pick LGH....just my 1.9999 cents.....

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