Nursing students seeking study participants

  1. PS: We are in Chicago so we would prefer someone also in Chicago, except you will be in the area.

    Thank you!

    We are nursing graduate students from DePaul University who are studying the lived experiences of immigrants who received their basic education and are actively employed as a nurse in the United States.
    To be eligible to participate, you must fit the following criteria: must be a registered nurse who was born and grew up outside the United States and migrated as an adult; must have completed your nursing education in the United States; must be currently employed as a nurse; and must speak English.
    Qualified participants will participate in a 45-60 minute in-person audio taped interview about your experiences in the United States as an immigrant and as a nurse.
    If you wish to participate, or have questions about the study, please email us at
    If you know an immigrant who became a nurse in the U.S. who may be interested in participating, please pass this along to them. We appreciate your help!

    This study has been approved by the DePaul University IRB.
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