Moving out of state! I need advice!

  1. Hello, I am a new lvn grad from California and i am moving to Illinois in about 4 months. I tried doing research but still a little confused on how to transfer my license and if I will even be able to. Worried...please help?
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  3. by   Tweety
    Usually it's a painless process, but it takes time and money. You need to really contact the BON in Illinois and do what they say. Their website should help as well. The rules for reciprocity vary from state to state.

    State of Illinois : Department of Financial and Professional Regulation
  4. by   Sunbabi
    Call the Illinois State Board of Nursing and they will send you the application packet. The packet will have specific instructions on what you need to do step by step. You can also call the board with any questions once you get the packet. The states I have moved to wanted a criminal check with fingerprints (the packet will explain how to get this), my nursing records from any other state I have worked in (there may be a fee per state but it's not that much about $10 or so), copies of ID's and to fill out the accompanying documents completely. If you don't have a criminal history and your nursing record is good you should be able to get a temporary license while they are processing you for your permanent one. This will get you working about 2 weeks after they receive your completed application. The permanent license takes longer. The longest I waited was 6 weeks in Mississippi so I was lucky to be able to work on the temporary license until it came in. Good luck!
  5. by   Maliboo3905
    Thank you so much.

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