Moving back "home" to Chicago

  1. Hi all,

    I must say, I been in Fort Myers, FL now for almost 8 years, and believe it or not, I miss Chicago with every ounce in my body! I lived in Palos Hills, IL and rode the trains to and from Chicago to work in the Hancock building. So, I know Chicago like the back of my hand being there 26 years and with it being "home"...I want to touch base with who is there now...

    I am lookng desperately to get into an ICU internship of some sort eventually. All I want is to find a hospital in a nice area, either in the Loop itself, or north of the city. I am looking towards Lincolnwood, Gold Coast...I am open to all the nicer areas as I will be moving with my husband who does non emergency transport and my 5 year old daughter. Living and growing up in Calumet City I have seen the worst of it all as well!!! Hahahahaha

    So, if someone can direct me on where to go, what hospitals are hiring? My ultimate goal is CRNA...but for now, I just want to get hired! I am a Med Surg/Tele nurse with 15 months ecperience. ACLS and BLS certified and hoping to come across my ICU internship somehow and someway!!!

    Please let me know any advice you can give!!!
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