Memorial Medical Center-Springfield-Nurse Residency-2012 <3

  1. 0 Hi Lovlies!

    I just wanted to begin a thread for those who've applied for the Summer 2012 nurse residency at Memorial Medical Center in Springfield, Il. This will be great as we can have some communication throughout the process.

    I am from Chicago, and I am very interested in Cardiac nursing. This application does not allow us to choose an area as of yet, but we were able to apply. I've received an email stating that we will be updated about the interview selections by the end of this year, or the beginning of next and interviews will likely be in mid-January.

    Let's introduce ourselves!

    P.s. How bad do you all want this job. At this point and the way the nursing situation is, will you take the first job offered to you?

    Let's discuss!
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    Moving this to the IL nursing forum.
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    sj73201, did you get accepted to the program? Do you have any contact information re: recruitment?
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    hi, no i did not. i will be working for northwestern memorial in chicago

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