Lutheran General or Condell anyone? Lutheran General or Condell anyone? | allnurses

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Lutheran General or Condell anyone?

  1. 0 Anybody have/heard of the atmosphere for nurses on particular units at either of these hospitals? Good place to learn with good preceptors? or, not so much.
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    I work at Lutheran. I'm sure it depends on what floor you are on, but overall the atmosphere is really positive. I don't know much about Condell. I know they were recently bought by the Advocate system so they are undergoing alot of policy changes as they are slowly adopting all Advocate policies. If you reply back with questions about a specific unit at LGH, I may be able to give you more info.
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    Hey Luvs, I take it you are not in nursing yet? A nurses perspective is really what I'm trying to get. But if you tech, you'd know what I am talking about, the floors everybody says not to work on at Lutheran (if any are that bad for nursing). PM me if you want

    I've heard lots about Condell, absolutely nothing good from any source for a long time. Wondering if Advocate has been able to make any headway with them yet.