LPN-RN bridge no waiting list programs

  1. Hi i just graduated from an Lpn program and i was lookin for an Rn bridge program i could get into without the waiting list. I live in the north side of chicago. I have been search all over the internet and on this site for info but NOTHING!!! Someone plz help
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  3. by   NJayne17
    Ambria College of Nursing is recently approved LPN-RN bridge program.
    They are located in Hoffman estates.
  4. by   chiyere
    Thx do u know any other places as well?
  5. by   Reese2012
    noth park college near foster ave. ive heard that if you do not get into the program the first try, you are guranteed admission the second time around (so if you apply in the fall and dont get in, you will get into the program their spring semster.) This is coming from a friend that was told this while still taking her re-reqs there. May want to call the school to find out