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Loyola Fall 2013

  1. 0 Has anyone applied for Loyola's fall 2013 cohort?
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    I've applied.. at the beginning of January and had everything submitted by mid Jan. I haven't heard back yet but when I contacted the admissions person, she told me I'd know this week. EEEK. Can't wait to know.
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    Are you applying to the regular or accelerated BSN?
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    ABSN. Second career.
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    Same here. I'm curious how the rolling admissions works at Loyola. Since they don't really have a complete applicant pool to consider at one time, they can't compare candidates against one another to decide who to admit. Hopefully that's a good thing for everyone who applies early in the app cycle. I actually applied in January but unfortunately my last recommendation letter was just submitted yesterday so it will be a while before a decision is made.
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    For those of you who have applied, has the application status changed from "submitted" to something else on the online application website?
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    Mine says Submitted on the application page then when you click the link to see the list of submitted transcripts, LOR, etc. it says something like, "your file is now complete, we look forward to reviewing your application."

    That same page says a decision will be made in 4-5 weeks but I'm hoping sooner based on stories from applicants last year.
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    Did you get in?
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    Does anybody know yet?