Looking for a Nursing School...Please help!! Looking for a Nursing School...Please help!! | allnurses

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Looking for a Nursing School...Please help!!

  1. 0 Hello everyone:

    I am moving from Texas to Chicago and I have been looking for Nursing Schools, but I really need your help and advice....

    Since I am not familiar at all with any of the colleges in Illinois I am so lost : ( Do any of you have any advice on good schools I can attend? thank you all so much

    p.s I already have pre-reqs from a college in Texas all I need is Chemistry
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    It completely depends on where you are going to live and how much you want to spend...Illinois is a huge state with a hundred different schools.

    Are you looking for a BSN or ADN?

    Are you going to live in the actual city of Chicago? Most of the community colleges have residency requirements.