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Lakeview College of Nursing Fall 2013

  1. 0 Hey! I was recently accepted into Lakeview College of Nursing for Fall 2013. Looking to meet anyone else who will be starting then as well! I currently live about 1.5 hours from Danville so will be looking for an apartment. Not sure where the best places to stay in that area are?!
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    Hey check ur private messages
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    Hey! My name is Andrew and I just sent in my deposit. I am also looking for a place. I am somewhat familiar with Charleston, but would like to find a place that isn't in such a bad area. Nice to meet you!
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    Hey! I actually am going to the Danville campus. Sorry I probably should have mentioned they. Nice to meet you though!
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    Oh ok, not sure if we will ever run into each other, maybe in clinicals. Well anyway, goodluck with nursing school!!
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    Moved to the Illinois State Nursing Programs forum.

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