Joliet Junior College - A&P II - Need Advice

  1. 0 i am currently working on my prereqs at joliet junior college, and i have a dilemma. i work full time and can only take class at night, and the only two classes i have left to take are a&p ii and microbiology. i qualified for the third priority registration group, however all the evening sections were taken by the time i was allowed to register.

    an opening did appear for one section of a&p ii, however i have heard bad things about the instructor and am wondering if i should just wait and see if i can get an opening in another section of either class. i am a good student, working full time really limits how much time i can study, and while i have been able to do well in past classes i'm not sure i want to put myself in a situation where i am struggling.

    can anyone who has taken a&p ii at jjc give some advice? if you recommend/don't recommend a certain instructor, could you please message me about your experience? any information you have would be greatly appreciated!
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