Job market for RNs with 1-2 years exp? Job market for RNs with 1-2 years exp? | allnurses

Job market for RNs with 1-2 years exp?

  1. 0 I am planning to start looking for a new job soon and I'm wondering how hard it is for nurses with 1-2 years experience in Chicago? It took me over a year to find my first nursing job and I'm wondering if it will be any easier the second time around? Or is it just as hard? I don't want to go through that again, but I'm pretty unhappy at my current job and can't wait to get out. I am currently a full-time staff RN on a labor and delivery unit with a BSN. I am not limiting my search to traditional bedside positions. In fact, I may even prefer something in the community, even if it's less money that I am currently making. I will look for both full and part time positions in women's health in either the hospital or community setting. Thanks in advance!
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    With experience and BSN, no trouble at all, although it will be pm's or nights.
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    #2 0 whats up with the ONLY open jobs being for PM's or Nights?
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    You're experienced and currently working. Yes it should be easier.